Payment compliance for construction, done right.

Fortue is an all-in-one platform for builders to manage their lien waiver, compliance, and billing workflows. We work with general and specialty contractors to free their teams from mind-numbing administrative tasks. Book a demo and super charge your back office!

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Fortue automates time sucking toil

Don’t spend hours working on lien waivers

Create and send forms in bulk

Track outstanding waivers from one dashboard

Comprehensive document management and archiving

A truly hands off collection process

We chase after your subcontractors, second tiers and material suppliers automatically. Your time is valuable, save it.

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Fortue ensures you have what you need before you need it

Proactively manage compliance and insurance

  • Configure compliance requirements by project
  • Auto-request information before expiration
  • Expedited review process

No Onboarding Required

We created self-serve software with intuitive design. Get started immediately without training your team or your vendors!

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